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Free Astronomy Software by David Green

Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:36 am
by SkyGazer
These programs are great experienced or beginners. You can log your observation in the program, print telrad skycharts (I printed several and put in sheet protectors to use in observing field. Messier program can print in marathon order, season, or object order. Also shows have easy or hard the object may be based on seeing.

Few things are free in this world, but the software I’ve written for amateur astronomers is available “no strings attached.”

The Ultimate Messier Object Log – TUMOL
The Simple Observing Log – TSOL
The Caldwell Object Log – TCOL
The Overlooked Object Log – OOLOG
Sky Atlas 2000 Page Labels
TEC: The Eyepiece Calculator
TEC (en Espaol): Calculador de Oculares